Fitness for Physically Disabled

Those with any physical disabilities, being immobile or not very active can be detrimental to the individual’s health. Heart disease and a number of other bodily ailments can take a toll on the person’s body. However, with tools specially built for those with physical disabilities, it can immensely help with fitness and overall health that avoids fatal illnesses.

Activities and equipment can be suited to specific persons, for each body part/limb. Below are some examples of products suited for disabled folk!


Drive’s Digital Exercise Peddler

Designed for those that are in wheelchairs or use crutches/other forms of mobility, or anyone with weaker arm strength, the peddler can be a useful tool for the user’s legs or arms with assistance provided. Whether the user is alone or with a supporter, this low-impact and gentle exercise tool helps circulation and is ideal for leg and arm toning/muscle building over time. With adjustable tension and can be easily stored & traveled with.

Item number: #43223

Materials Used: Plastic peddles and silver vein finish

Size: Not Specified

Price: $34.00 USD + $7.00 shipping (comes with limited lifetime warranty & is currently on sale)


Briggs DMI Mini Stepper Exerciser

With the same purpose as the Peddler, the Stepper helps those who are disabled waist-down. Assisted or alone, the user may exercise their legs and waist with low-impact. It helps burn calories and maintains toning in the abdomen and legs. It keeps track of steps digitally, has a no-skid base on each stepper peddle, has duel-hydraulic cylinders that replicate stair-stepping and has adjustable tension/difficulty of impact. It also doesn’t need to be assembled, and is able to hold up to 250 pounds (lbs) of weight.

Item Number: #43239

Materials Used: High impact plastic and gauge steel finish

Size: Not Specified

Price: $129.00 (Free shipping)


Total Gym XLS

For a multi-purpose workout if you are disabled regarding your legs or arms, the XLS can aid increased strength in both arms and legs while at home with or without a supporter. Comes with ribbed squat stand, wing attachment, and leg pull accessory. Gradual strength can be established and kept when within routine. Can help train those with prosthetic limbs, along with aiding in independence.

Materials Used: Not Specified

Size: Unfolded: 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H … Folded: 19″ W x 51″ L x 9″ H

Price: $799.00 (Free shipping & more details on site)


Some products listed above can help those with physical disabilities with certain strength points and focuses. The websites listed can also show further products if there any more that seem interesting and useful! If you can provide and reviews or feedback, contact me on how you felt about these featured products.

This page will possibly be updated in the future. Thanks for understanding!