ARKTherapeutic Products: Chew Jewelry

From ARK Therapeutic comes affordable, useful items that help those that are autistic, have Downs Syndrome, and anyone else with a need for oral stimulation. These products from ARK aid oral therapy, sensory seeking and feeding assistance. ARK products provide reinforcement for weak chewing and help with swallowing, and can help an individual gain better adaption to harder foods and larger bites. It exercises the muscles within the jaw, and leads to better digestion. The products are also interesting in design, and stimulate not only chewing but visual and scent stimulation (depending on each product).

With a plethora of wonderful and durable products for different chewers, ARK gives full descriptions that describe materials used, safety information, and any other important details a customer could wonder about.

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Curious about what they have? Look below!…


ARK’s Krypto-Bite Chewable Gem Necklace

One of the most simply designed yet greatest chewable items from ARK, comes the Krypto-Bite chew necklace. For anyone who wants to create strength in their jaws based on their chewing ability, the Krypto-Bite is very effective and can help a disabled individual with proper manual digestion. It is long lasting however IS prone to damage if chewed harder than it is made to be chewed like.

Colors of each necklace gem are used for distinguishing the level of toughness. For light chewers, the magenta and red are best. For moderate chewing: lime green, teal and black are most suitable and are listed as XT (“Xtra Tough”). While for harder biting and stronger jaws, the blue and purple would be most fitting- listed as XXT (“Xtra Xtra Tough”).

Its lightweight, discreet and able to wear anytime whether in class, at work, at home, or anywhere else you can think of. It has no smell or taste whatsoever.


Materials Used: Medical grade FDA-approved silicone. Contails no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex!

Size: 3″ inches in length, half an inch in diameter.

Price: $9.99 USD


*I own this product (specifically the XXT blue chew) and HIGHLY recommend it!


ARK’s Oral Motor Probe Set

The oral motor probe set offers effective and reusable, durable stimulation for an individual dealing with oral defensiveness or eating difficulty (in mouth or throat).  Each probe in the set is intended for tactile input within the mouth or on the skin if necessary.

If you do not wish to have the whole set, individual probes can be purchased on separate pages with different pricing and under separate names.

The blue tipped official probe has a bumpy texture, the yellow tipped probe (titled “ProPreefer”) has a raised line texture and finally, the green tipped probe (titled “proMini”) has a ribbed texture. All probes have no scent or distinct taste that could be deemed overloading for the individual using them.


Materials Used: Medical grade and FDA-approved plastics. Contains no toxic materials or latex.

Size: About 5″ inches in length

Price: $17.99 USD for set only


ARK’s Flexible Lip Blok Mouthpieces

Intended for straws and anyone with a struggle for pursing the lips around a straw, the Lip Blok is designed for easy, gradual training of learning or establishing the way to drink through a straw. Made of rubbery and flexible silicone, the Lip Blok offers minimal stimulation and is good for making the lip and jaw muscles stronger.

For increased difficulty, one may cut the shorter tubular part of the Lip Blok, so that the individual using the tool can slowly learn to strengthen and properly hold a straw with the lips.


Materials Used: Medical grade FDA-approved silicone. Contains no toxic materials or latex.

Size: 3/4″ inches in length.

Price: $9.99 USD


ARK’s Brick Stick Chew Necklace

Designed for those who love bumps and texture, the Brick Stick is amazing for teeth, gum and tongue stimulation. Its also useful for stimulation on the skin. Made of the same material as the Krypto-Bite, the Brick Stick is lovely for building strength in the jaw which aims towards better digestion. The bumps of the lego-shaped design adds repetitive stimulation for each part of the mouth, and can be discreetly worn as chewy-jewelry.

The color coding system is the same as the Krypto-Bite (see above).


Materials Used: Medical grade FDA-approved silicone. Contains no toxic materials or latex.

Size: 2.5″ inches in length, half an inch thick.

Price: $11.99 USD


ARK’s Dino Bite Chewable Jewelry Necklace

With the same intentions and purpose as the Krypto-Bite and Brick Stick, the Dino Bite functions as chewy-jewelry that has more detail in its design. It strengthens the jaw and can be interactive with all parts of the mouth. Based on the individual’s biting strength, the Dino Bite has levels of toughness durable enough for the user.

The color code system has similar properties but more variety than the other chew jewelry. Soft Dino Bites are magenta red and light grey. Moderate chews are lime green, teal and dark grey. Toughest chews are blue, lavender and forest green.


Materials Used: Medical grade FDA-approved silcone. Contains no toxic materials or latex.

Size: Between 1.5″ by 2.5″ inches in length, around half an inch thick

Price: $14.99 USD


These are only SOME of the innovative and amazing items featured by ARK Therapeutic that help oral therapy and exercises. If you have any curiosities of other products on the site, visit the page itself: . Support their organization and services by buying their products online, or spreading their website address on social media!

Please look through all their products and see if anything strikes your interest. 🙂

* As directly put on their Shipping page, ARK states: “For web-orders under $99, shipping will be a flat $5 for small orders (weighing under 12 ounces) or $8 for large orders (weighing over 12 ounces).”