Two Youtube Videos On: Disability Rights

Hello all! This post I wanted to dedicate to videos featured on YouTube that are based on disability rights and services. I so far have thankfully found two of which I find wonderful pieces that focus on these important topics.

Firstly, this video (3 minutes long) provided by Open Society Foundations. This clip is wonderful and shows multiple young adults who are in school, including disabled students themselves, give their word on how they joined a scholarship aimed towards disability rights in the US, Africa and other locations in general, and what they want to do to change the lack of human rights that are for the disabled community through activism and breaking down stereotypes within society that limits the disabled community more than anything else. It is a very compassionate video that gives a spark in me, and makes me feel joy to see this group of alumni who want to benefit and meet the needs of disabled folk. I really recommend you watch if you’re either interested in seeing what this organization is doing from the video or on their online pages, or just want to see people talk about an amazing passion they have for this community and how they want to change society for the better (instead of changing the community, like many bad organizations attempt). Its inspiring and honestly wonderful to see.

The next video (2:30 min., closed captioning), featured by DRI Kids on YouTube, is based around an organization that is also aimed positively towards developing a better future and better lives for disabled and mentally ill people. Employees, including the founder of the organization (which has been for up to 20 years existent), speak out about how the abuse directed towards disabled folk in psychiatric facilities is inhumane and how they want to work towards tearing it down and creating better environments centered around the facilities disabled and mentally ill people are in. Its a very informative and direct video, and has the same passion to it as the previous. If you’re interested about their goals, intentions or any other information, it is a rather interesting video to view.

Both videos come off as actual hope that abled people actually care about disabled lives and how those lives should be enjoyable. I hope you’ll enjoy and perhaps find more videos or other sources that want to do good for the community!


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