Finding Activities in Gyms Near You

For most activities and workout-based routines, they’re able-bodied based. Whether you be neurodivergent, D/deaf, blind or disabled in any way, gyms that accommodate your needs are something vital when considering if you want to join a fitness center.

TIP: You should always research online!

If the gym you desire has a website, navigate around their page to find anything under the list of care for disabled members. If the gym has specific details as to what they accommodate for disabled visitors (such as equipment for wheelchair users, text-to-speech usable machines, braille on equipment, etc), awesome! This is a sign that the gym is a great possibility for you. Try to contact them via email or phone possibly and get further details by the staff if you can.

What if they don’t have a page?

If they don’t have an online page, try to go and find documents or pamphlets on site that include information involving disability accessibility in the gym. Best of luck if you find anything!

Just remember…

Always try to find gyms that fit YOUR needs. Don’t try to use equipment you know or think you’d have difficulty with, or would harm yourself by using. Its extremely unsafe. If its difficult to find activity centers in your area, try to find workout tools online! On my separate page here, these are some workout machines designed for disabled folk that you can try to decide on.

I hope for those that read this post that you all find something that fits for you. Best of luck to everyone!

-G, from Disability Wellness


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