Always Take Care of Yourself

Always take care of yourself, as best you can.

As a disabled person, you are an individual part of a community that faces

You don’t need to be neurotypical to be good enough. Your best is YOUR best, for as long as you live. Their limits are not your limits. Their expectations do not define you, and should never belittle you. Your grades, your employability, does not equal to your worth. To live as you live is to live as yourself: a human being who deserves love and respect. Whether you have

If you’re psychotic/schizophrenic and have episodes frequently, please don’t punish yourself by isolation and self hatred. You can’t control what triggers an episode and its natural. I just hope you’re okay today, and find something to help you cope.

If you’re depressed and relapse again, you are not a failure or a lost cause. It is part of healing, growing and recovering. You are strong and deserve all the love in the world. You tried your best and are doing your best, and yes- people can see it. You’re doing an amazing job.

If you have executive dysfunction and have poor hygiene or poor motivation, its not your fault and you are still a wonderful person. Its not bad and you’re not bad. Whether you want to pursue the goal of maintaining daily hygiene will be your decision and if you need help, never be afraid to ask.

If you’re autistic and have multiple meltdowns or shutdowns, I’m proud of you, and hope you’ll be okay. Make sure to eat and take a nap. Cope in a healthy way as best you can. People are here for you when you’re ready to come to them on your own terms.

If you have borderline personality disorder and disassociate often, its okay and you are here, and you are real. You’re supposed to be here, and you’ll be okay. Try anything to ground yourself, but please don’t self harm.

If you’re a wheelchair user and got turned away from transportation that fits your needs or any other struggles due to you being in your wheelchair, its okay to be angry and tell people how you feel. You deserve better fit surroundings that are for you.

If you have multiple sclerosis, its okay that you need long breaks to deal with the pain. Your body says it needs rest and its okay to take time for that. You need and deserve that time. Please don’t push yourself if you know you can’t.

If you forgot to take your meds, please do so now.

When someone says you’re faking and you know well that’s not true: take care of yourself. Defend yourself or ask someone to help you do it. There is no shame, and should be no regret to stand up for yourself in any way. When you’re denied things you need, there is no shame in demanding. That is something you need. Always try to remember these things.

If you need to take that soothing bath, do it- its not selfish. If you want to be alone, there’s nothing wrong with your time being your time. If you’re lonely, its okay to contact that friend and ask for company. Do what makes you happy.

You are part of a community that loves you. You are loved. You deserve care.

Take care of yourself. Please.

You matter.


(If you need to reach out, the Contacts is always open.)



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