Disabled While Voting: Why It’s a Concern

Throughout the years, ableism is alive and unfortunately still happening in 2016. We all know in and out of the community. Lack of transportation accommodation, little to no workplace education and understanding of how disabled people are, and much more that upsets us all. But it goes further than just how people around you are.

When it comes to presidential election and voting in America, it can be pretty serious for all minority groups (POC, mentally ill, disabled, LGBT etc). People will always criticize the policies of the candidates. And you should (especially if you’re able to vote). Policies, whether they be fulfilled later on or not, should be considered when stated by that candidate. It makes up the promises and values that candidate holds even if they haven’t put presidential action into it yet. It matters to look at these things most.

When analyzing the candidate you want, always consider yourself and the community you’re part of or even just care about. Ask questions to yourself if you need to!

Questions to consider for yourself!:

  • Does this candidate stand up for what I believe in?

  • Does this candidate support minority rights (such as disabled rights) in America?

  • Do they have any harmful plans for anything I care about?

  • Will their policies and/or values damage the community/ies and myself included?

  • Will I be affected (negatively or positively)?

  • Should I be worried for any upcoming politic issues?


The answers are yours to choose. However, for 2016, let us look at our main candidates that almost everyone knows thanks to multi-device advertising and strong rumor:

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

These two are our choices. And its been pretty heated so far to this point when thinking of who to vote for. Especially with all the worry stirring up.The moderator (and author) for this site chose to actually research both candidates’ policies and what they stand for. From mainstream media to their official pages. All we’re going to say is: the choice is obvious.

Donald has done plenty to discourage and put fear into the disabled community as a whole, republican or not. He publicly has mocked a disabled reporter (Serge Kovaleski), who had arthrogryposis, by making fun of his arm and apparent memory loss and even a stutter/speech impediment. Its no doubt the republican candidate scares the community, and makes everyone uneasy. Besides this, he’s done much else that doesn’t even need to be ableist to be horrible. He doesn’t seem to have much say towards the disabled in any positive way. This is something to seriously think about.

Then we have Hillary. Yes, she is the democratic candidate which makes people already disapproving without thought, but please consider what we have to say even if you don’t like her as a candidate (solely because she’s democrat). Please hear us out before you leave.

Hillary is hope so far for the disabled community. Even if she does what every politician does, which is make false promises sometimes and blow up their words to pull in voters, she does hold values that matter to us whether she acts or not. It means she’ll be neutral in the least, instead of a definite downward slope that is Trump. On her very own website, this page features her attitude towards disabled Americans and what she claims as a candidate on “what she’ll do”. Its plain to see how she feels about the disabled, with a positive light, and the page even includes what she’s done for the community.

We know this upcoming election is difficult, and stressful for everyone (even Americans not of age or don’t have the ability to vote). But please, please try to think about yourself and the community and who is going support it. Which is Hillary.

Please vote if you can. Please vote for Hillary. She is the beacon of hope that is left. It’ll be everything to the disabled community for the next 4/8 years.




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