September 18, 2016: A Warm Welcome and What We’re Doing

Welcome to all who visit! Its very appreciated that you’re here.

This site is proud to provide assistance for the disabled and mentally ill communities. Those on the autism spectrum who experience symptoms of executive dysfunction and sensory processing disorder, or who are physically disabled and anyone else who seeks help to maintain a healthier life that is accommodated to fit what they need. We welcome everyone to the site, disabled or not. Browse and look into products, and provide feedback if something helped!

New to the scene or if you have been part of the community for years and are looking for beneficial products that will guide you through healthy living mentally and physically, Disability Wellness offers and promotes items from online stores that give back to the disabled community (with consent first, of course).

I will be providing links and images as best I can, to display recommended items from various sites that have affordable and helpful equipment aimed towards disabled individuals. I’ll be also writing out descriptions for each online product featured, provided with shipping information, price, and intentions of the product (if its for feeding, mobility, or something else). Items ranging from feeding tools that are sensory friendly and easy to use so you can have an easier time adjusting to your (possibly new) diet, to exercise items that are useful at home, made to aid the physically disabled.

I also will be looking for fitness centers that welcome disabled people throughout America, for activities such as any (assisted/accommodated) aerobic and anaerobic exercise programs that are low price or free.

This site is open to people of any age, with any disability, mainly in America. As long as shipping can reach your location and its possible for you to order online, I hope you’ll find guidance, motivation and hope in products I feature!

Disability Wellness is non-profit and part of a school project I wanted to devote to the disabled community. I deeply care about disability rights and actively support disability organizations that benefit and do not aim to hurt the community. I only advertise products of online stores as recommendations, and do not get any payment in return for such advertising.

If you have any questions or concerns about the purpose, potential or want other information about Disability Wellness, contact the sites official social media accounts! Available to reach 24/7.


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