Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability Wellness on WordPress

As a website based on the disabled community and supporting it, the moderator of Disability Wellness does not support groups that don’t benefit the disabled community. This included Autism $peaks (for reasons why we don’t support the group, see here and here. You can also look up other sources via search engine on how A$ is actually considerably a hate group! Also to non-knowing reader that doesn’t know how bad A$ truly is, I HIGHLY and passionately suggest you please stop funding the organization after looking up sources and reading this post. Thank you) and any other groups that harm any part of the disabled community. It worries and upsets Disability Wellness plenty, that there are organizations that want to harm such a wonderful community. The entirety of the disabled community is what makes up 15% of the world, and deserves better resources that can be mainstream and actually benefit the whole and parts of the community in any way possible.

If you ever come across fundable and good resources in your area, let us know by the way! Try to support them as best you can after you see what they’re about. They could possibly help you and your fellow disabled friends that need certain things, whether it be from accommodations to equipment they need to survive. You can make a difference.

On a lighter note, we greatly support the causes of self advocacy within the community, and any other organizations that actually benefit all parts of it (a good example of a self advocating and supportive organization is ASAN!). It would be amazing if you could help in any way towards this site and any other supportive organizations. If you happen to find any, please tell us!

If you have any questions or concerns about other values this site and blog holds, feel free to ask via Contacts info. Thank you!

– Mod Giorno



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